Boundless Fall

It was tiring yet mesmerizing a feeling you can only accomplish if you were here with me.
On top of the mountain i stood, looking down there was a waterfall so big and so tall, a scream escaped my lungs like a prisoners escape.

It was not a cry for help but a way to unleash all the anger and negative energy, all the bad memories and horrifying moments were trying to get out. I stood there looking down and up and sizing myself with the area, it was that moment, that little second that i saw it all again, my dream came to life, not exactly the same but relatable.

My mind yearned and nudged me to jump down into the water just like the dream, because i did survive it in the dream. Yet my bones wriggled and shivered to stop me. It was my moment to feel free and boundless, but was it my moment to die? Is that little feeling worth risking my life?


My Own Special Universe

When I was a kid, whenever I gazed at the sky, I would think about a place far far away. Now I’m not saying that this had nothing to do with Peter Pan or any other Disney cartoon I watched, but it was my own personal belief that out of this solar system or galaxy, other planets existed each of them being the home of a Disney Cartoon. One for Aladdin or Pinocchio, another for Peter Pan, and so on.

Now that wasn’t proven wrong scientifically but we’d have to remove the “Disney” part.

It was nice to know that these places actually subsisted and all those characters I loved were real. It kept my imagination intact while other kids’ faded as they grew up. Occasionally I wondered if they’d pick me up in my sleep and take me there but obviously that didn’t happen.

I really don’t know why I’m sharing this since only a couple of people knew about it but it’s nice to let people know how inventive and foolish I was. Or Am.


I’m still on if you guys want to pick me up, since exams are near and stuff like that.

Every day By David Levithan Book Review

Smells like a review doesn’t it?

Is it a movie review?

Nope, more like a book review!

Now what type of book deserves a review from me, I rarely write reviews about books and never blogged about any, they’re time and energy consuming and I am a lazy person.

The only reason I’m writing a review about this book is because I fell in love with it from the moment I saw the cover and the summery until reading the last pages.

The story centers around A, a boy whom everyday wakes up in another boy’s body and has to “settle in” the boy’s life until the day is over. A has gotten used to that and had no complains about it. Until he meets Rhiannon while he enters her boyfriend’s body and tries to find a way to break the rules to be with her.

What triggered me to write this review is because I haven’t read a page-turner in months and this book was one of the few that actually did. This book had a combination of fiction and love and it’s never bad to read a David Levithan book.

Another reason for this review is the cool and realistic ending.

You can get this book from amazon in the link below or check out the author’s website.

Human Circadian Rhythm

After joggling a lot of different blog topics for this week, I was finally inspired by an Islamic podcast. The podcast was talking about the  “Circadian rhythm”. I’m not really a big fan of podcasts and this is the fist time that my attention was actually caught right from the beginning. The term “circadian” originated from the Latin circa, meaning “around,” and “diem” meaning “day.” Joined the literal meaning is “approximately one day.”

It basically displays what hours of the day the human body functions best at particular things, for example it shows that a person is most alerted at 10am, and most coordinated at 2:30pm.

This cycle is actually very accurate but some scientists differ, those however whom did not believe in it did not have enough information to debate about it. Natural aspects within the body form circadian rhythms, but they are also moved by signals from the environment. Light is the main signal manipulating circadian rhythms, turning on or turning off genes that control an organism’s internal clocks.


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I Jumped into a Waterfall!

There I was standing on a rock on the edge of a 500m waterfall, I looked around, the greenery, the mountains, it was like a movie, but what I couldn’t forget was the drop, I wanted to jump, I thought that by jumping I’d be running away from my problems, the stress. Life was like a rope tangled around me and as I jumped it slowly untied itself and there I was free falling into a waterfall. As I closed my eyes all I heard was the water swishing down, it was like a shower but I wasn’t standing on anything. I remembered what one my brothers told me a long time ago, he said ” Whenever something thrilling happens, keep your eyes open and grasp the moment.”

My whole life I wanted to seize the moment but like any other 15 year old, I had better things to do like watch Glee over and over again. That instant was different, I opened my eyes and I saw it all, it was breathtaking and for first time I didn’t think about the past or the future, just what was going to happen that exact second.

I still want that feeling and I tried everything to bring it back but everything has an ending and as I finally reached the fathomless water, I woke up, yes it was all a dream but not any dream, after countless searches, I finally reached a dream interpretation site that implied that “I was running away from anxiety”. After an exact month, I started writing a story, but my best friend proposed that I needed to try and blog my stories so I started writing “I’m Not Cold Hearted”, so yes I am writing a book and that is why I can’t update the story every week.

Sorry for making you read this and wasting your precious time.

Who I Am?

I’m Moony and I live in a world where Aliens rule us and Ninja’s are the secret agents, as well the Samurai being our army. I don’t care about what people say, I’ve lost my mind when i saw the first episode of Naruto. You might ask why I’m the unstereotypical nerd and i would say because i don’t get A’s and neither do i spend my time studying in the library but yes i do wear nerdy glasses and I also wear belts.