I could never thank you enough


Thank you for introducing me to Caro Emerald

Thank you for telling me to stop and look around

Thank you for reading The Catcher in The Rye

Thank you for listening to Frank Sinatra


The long rides around town,

For the fried shrimp balls

For not forcing me to watch horror movies

For standing on edges of rooftops

For stopping me from putting a foot out to test gravity

For recording me holding my breath for 2:15mins


The adventures,

The theories

The accents we tried

The prank calls

The rain dancing


The day we jumped into the water fully clothed

The day we forced an outing and scratched the car

The day you made me try to drive on my favorite road

For accepting that stupid fax

When no ones know how to actually fax

The soundtrack we made

That we never listened to



Thanks for being on my speed dial