What Could Have Been?

What could have been, it’s a something we all crave, it’s that moment where we escape reality and just think of what we would like to happen, what we all imagine and daydream about before waking up back to reality.

 As humans, we tend to getaway from life for at least a few minutes a day, but why is that, is reality so bad? Or are we just not satisfied with our lives and how we live. I mean dictionaries define daydreaming as; “a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one’s attention from the present.” But why is that, why do need to distract ourselves, is life that dull?

 I myself believe it’s an escape, and I accept that, because in a sense, I sometimes find my dream farfetched and unlikely. So using the powerful tool that god has given me, my mind, I have chosen to live for a few minutes within a universe that makes me smile brightly and forget about life’s regular snags.

 Artistic and original ideas that could be the change we need in our lives, if take these risks, we might see life in a new light, like a new lenses.

 If it’s the person we have crush on, or that new hobby we want to try, or just maybe something as simple an item on our shopping bag, why do we always postpone what we want when we know it could make us happier even if its only for a moment.


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