Choosing Film Making Instead Of “Safe” Major?


As I sit here, One month prior to my high school graduation, I find myself thinking that I might have jumped the gun with choosing to major in Film.

 The closer I get, the scarier it is, about 80% of people I know are telling me to choose a major that could provide me with a well paying job. Now that is a good option if I can accept living my whole life sitting in a desk job, contemplating on what could have been.

  I’m not a realist, far from it actually, I live in the idea of me doing what I love and being successful, but why is that such a bad thing, I mean shouldn’t we do something we love instead of what others think, what about all the high school/college dropouts who made a living out of a hobby, why do we always look down on people who create an option instead of taking the easy way out.

 I’m writing this because writing releases my tension, because today, three months after choosing to major in something I like, I’m being told to choose the safe option. If you think about it, aren’t the ones who stray find success?

 What’s making this so much harder is the fact that I’m born in between old and new, the generation that will change all, the ones who are helping break the cultural barriers that sometimes hold us back.

 It’s a scary choice, to choose between your cultural beliefs or new ideals, should I follow or should I stray to find my way?

 What would you do?


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