Boundless Fall

It was tiring yet mesmerizing a feeling you can only accomplish if you were here with me.
On top of the mountain i stood, looking down there was a waterfall so big and so tall, a scream escaped my lungs like a prisoners escape.

It was not a cry for help but a way to unleash all the anger and negative energy, all the bad memories and horrifying moments were trying to get out. I stood there looking down and up and sizing myself with the area, it was that moment, that little second that i saw it all again, my dream came to life, not exactly the same but relatable.

My mind yearned and nudged me to jump down into the water just like the dream, because i did survive it in the dream. Yet my bones wriggled and shivered to stop me. It was my moment to feel free and boundless, but was it my moment to die? Is that little feeling worth risking my life?


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