My Own Special Universe

When I was a kid, whenever I gazed at the sky, I would think about a place far far away. Now I’m not saying that this had nothing to do with Peter Pan or any other Disney cartoon I watched, but it was my own personal belief that out of this solar system or galaxy, other planets existed each of them being the home of a Disney Cartoon. One for Aladdin or Pinocchio, another for Peter Pan, and so on.

Now that wasn’t proven wrong scientifically but we’d have to remove the “Disney” part.

It was nice to know that these places actually subsisted and all those characters I loved were real. It kept my imagination intact while other kids’ faded as they grew up. Occasionally I wondered if they’d pick me up in my sleep and take me there but obviously that didn’t happen.

I really don’t know why I’m sharing this since only a couple of people knew about it but it’s nice to let people know how inventive and foolish I was. Or Am.


I’m still on if you guys want to pick me up, since exams are near and stuff like that.


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