Every day By David Levithan Book Review

Smells like a review doesn’t it?

Is it a movie review?

Nope, more like a book review!

Now what type of book deserves a review from me, I rarely write reviews about books and never blogged about any, they’re time and energy consuming and I am a lazy person.

The only reason I’m writing a review about this book is because I fell in love with it from the moment I saw the cover and the summery until reading the last pages.

The story centers around A, a boy whom everyday wakes up in another boy’s body and has to “settle in” the boy’s life until the day is over. A has gotten used to that and had no complains about it. Until he meets Rhiannon while he enters her boyfriend’s body and tries to find a way to break the rules to be with her.

What triggered me to write this review is because I haven’t read a page-turner in months and this book was one of the few that actually did. This book had a combination of fiction and love and it’s never bad to read a David Levithan book.

Another reason for this review is the cool and realistic ending.

You can get this book from amazon in the link below or check out the author’s website.




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