Human Circadian Rhythm

After joggling a lot of different blog topics for this week, I was finally inspired by an Islamic podcast. The podcast was talking about the  “Circadian rhythm”. I’m not really a big fan of podcasts and this is the fist time that my attention was actually caught right from the beginning. The term “circadian” originated from the Latin circa, meaning “around,” and “diem” meaning “day.” Joined the literal meaning is “approximately one day.”

It basically displays what hours of the day the human body functions best at particular things, for example it shows that a person is most alerted at 10am, and most coordinated at 2:30pm.

This cycle is actually very accurate but some scientists differ, those however whom did not believe in it did not have enough information to debate about it. Natural aspects within the body form circadian rhythms, but they are also moved by signals from the environment. Light is the main signal manipulating circadian rhythms, turning on or turning off genes that control an organism’s internal clocks.


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