Technology Turned Me Into A Troglodyte (Caveperson)

The term Troglodyte is used to define “Caveperson”, I’m not that big of a fan of hard scientific words but they are interesting and cool to use. A caveperson is someone whose manners are not civilized and whom acts in a violent way which I assure you is NOT me.

Of course, technology didn’t literally turn me into a caveperson but it did affect me but by being surrounded by electronics in my room, I didn’t have the need to leave it since I had everything there. By staying in the bedroom for countless hours and not seeing my family as much as I used to, they started saying “Ohh did you finally leave your cave” over and over again every time I actually left my room.

It took me a while before I realized that I actually was a cave person. Cave people only left they’re caves “shelters” when they had the need to. Like a caveperson, I planned on leaving only when I got hungry or needed something.


Clipart by visekart –


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