Technology Turned Me Into A Troglodyte (Caveperson)

The term Troglodyte is used to define “Caveperson”, I’m not that big of a fan of hard scientific words but they are interesting and cool to use. A caveperson is someone whose manners are not civilized and whom acts in a violent way which I assure you is NOT me.

Of course, technology didn’t literally turn me into a caveperson but it did affect me but by being surrounded by electronics in my room, I didn’t have the need to leave it since I had everything there. By staying in the bedroom for countless hours and not seeing my family as much as I used to, they started saying “Ohh did you finally leave your cave” over and over again every time I actually left my room.

It took me a while before I realized that I actually was a cave person. Cave people only left they’re caves “shelters” when they had the need to. Like a caveperson, I planned on leaving only when I got hungry or needed something.


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Reasons Why I Loved The Amazing Spiderman!

I decided to go watch the movie after a lot of people started praising it; honestly I was quite shocked that the franchise was rebooted and Tobey Maguire quit, but then again there are very few people who like wearing a unitard.


  1. Andrew Garfield as Spiderman:

I’ve always been a Tobey Maguire as Spidey fan, maybe because of his innocent eyes or because I grew up with the idea of it. Now I should probably start gushing about Andrew Garfield, a couple of weeks before the movie hit theatres I started googling his pictures and the only I can say is that this guy is one HOT SPIDERMAN!


  1. A Funny Movie:

Something that Sam Raimi, the previous director sucked at. When purchasing the ticket, honestly I didn’t consider that I’d laugh unless someone slipped with his or her food or something. Anyways, back to talking about the movie, I totally loved the fight scene in the Library with the classical music and the scene where Spidey makes fun of the robber.


3. Emma Stone Shines:

I’m not that big of a fan but i truly believed she rocked as Gwen Stacy, and the chemistry was undeniable. I hated her father’s death scene because you know, i’m a nice person.

4. His Parents’ Disappearances playing a big part:

Now I’m not trying to dramatize it but backen when Sam Raimi directed the movies they hardly mentioned his parents but here, right from the beginning questioning, “WHERE ARE THEY?” which is a very smart thing to do.

5. That He Actually Created His Webs:

I mean i’m a huge fan of fantasies and stuff but i mean creating his webs made more sense than just having superpowers, at least no kids will go try to get bitten by spiders.

Overall the movie was AMAZING, and a very exiting franchise to look forward to. I thought that this rebooted franchise would go south but apparently, not any time soon!Image