I’m Not Cold Hearted (XXII)

She had long mahogany brown hair, and that looked incredibly soft. She was slim, had gorgeous hazel twinkling eyes, long eyelashes and an eager look. She had perfect, clear, soft ivory skin.

“Sorry” she said with a giggle.

“What? No don’t be, I’m the one bumping into everyone” I replied with a smile.

“You’re not from around here right? She asked with a keen look.

“Nope, why what gave me away exactly?” I replied with a question.

“No accent, you’re from the states right?” She asked again.

“Yeah I am, what about you?” I asked her.

“Actually, I am from Boston” She said proudly.

“Chicago” I replied and we shook hands.

“Well, in case you need me to show you around the city, here’s my number” She said and gave me a small crumpled paper.

“ Thanks, I’ll see you around!” I responded with the hugest smile.

After walking for a couple of steps, I looked back and watched her until she left my sight. Not knowing what happened exactly, I m usually very quiet with normal girls, but she was the prettiest and I still was pretty charming.  I just walked around like an idiot with my enormous smile. It only took me about fifteen minutes to get back to the apartment and just when I was going up the stairs, I realized that I didn’t even get her name.


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