I Jumped into a Waterfall!

There I was standing on a rock on the edge of a 500m waterfall, I looked around, the greenery, the mountains, it was like a movie, but what I couldn’t forget was the drop, I wanted to jump, I thought that by jumping I’d be running away from my problems, the stress. Life was like a rope tangled around me and as I jumped it slowly untied itself and there I was free falling into a waterfall. As I closed my eyes all I heard was the water swishing down, it was like a shower but I wasn’t standing on anything. I remembered what one my brothers told me a long time ago, he said ” Whenever something thrilling happens, keep your eyes open and grasp the moment.”

My whole life I wanted to seize the moment but like any other 15 year old, I had better things to do like watch Glee over and over again. That instant was different, I opened my eyes and I saw it all, it was breathtaking and for first time I didn’t think about the past or the future, just what was going to happen that exact second.

I still want that feeling and I tried everything to bring it back but everything has an ending and as I finally reached the fathomless water, I woke up, yes it was all a dream but not any dream, after countless searches, I finally reached a dream interpretation site that implied that “I was running away from anxiety”. After an exact month, I started writing a story, but my best friend proposed that I needed to try and blog my stories so I started writing “I’m Not Cold Hearted”, so yes I am writing a book and that is why I can’t update the story every week.

Sorry for making you read this and wasting your precious time.


2 thoughts on “I Jumped into a Waterfall!

  1. iam very pleased that i read such a beautiful blog so weel written that i think your nice sould publish this book is very interesting.The writting is very good.

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