I’m Not Cold Hearted (XXII)

She had long mahogany brown hair, and that looked incredibly soft. She was slim, had gorgeous hazel twinkling eyes, long eyelashes and an eager look. She had perfect, clear, soft ivory skin.

“Sorry” she said with a giggle.

“What? No don’t be, I’m the one bumping into everyone” I replied with a smile.

“You’re not from around here right? She asked with a keen look.

“Nope, why what gave me away exactly?” I replied with a question.

“No accent, you’re from the states right?” She asked again.

“Yeah I am, what about you?” I asked her.

“Actually, I am from Boston” She said proudly.

“Chicago” I replied and we shook hands.

“Well, in case you need me to show you around the city, here’s my number” She said and gave me a small crumpled paper.

“ Thanks, I’ll see you around!” I responded with the hugest smile.

After walking for a couple of steps, I looked back and watched her until she left my sight. Not knowing what happened exactly, I m usually very quiet with normal girls, but she was the prettiest and I still was pretty charming.  I just walked around like an idiot with my enormous smile. It only took me about fifteen minutes to get back to the apartment and just when I was going up the stairs, I realized that I didn’t even get her name.


I Jumped into a Waterfall!

There I was standing on a rock on the edge of a 500m waterfall, I looked around, the greenery, the mountains, it was like a movie, but what I couldn’t forget was the drop, I wanted to jump, I thought that by jumping I’d be running away from my problems, the stress. Life was like a rope tangled around me and as I jumped it slowly untied itself and there I was free falling into a waterfall. As I closed my eyes all I heard was the water swishing down, it was like a shower but I wasn’t standing on anything. I remembered what one my brothers told me a long time ago, he said ” Whenever something thrilling happens, keep your eyes open and grasp the moment.”

My whole life I wanted to seize the moment but like any other 15 year old, I had better things to do like watch Glee over and over again. That instant was different, I opened my eyes and I saw it all, it was breathtaking and for first time I didn’t think about the past or the future, just what was going to happen that exact second.

I still want that feeling and I tried everything to bring it back but everything has an ending and as I finally reached the fathomless water, I woke up, yes it was all a dream but not any dream, after countless searches, I finally reached a dream interpretation site that implied that “I was running away from anxiety”. After an exact month, I started writing a story, but my best friend proposed that I needed to try and blog my stories so I started writing “I’m Not Cold Hearted”, so yes I am writing a book and that is why I can’t update the story every week.

Sorry for making you read this and wasting your precious time.

I’m Not Cold Hearted (XXI)

As soon as he was out of sight, I went to Blake’s room and convinced him to go out. We went down the stairs, and on the door we saw a few sticky notes, one of them read “ Glamis High School, 7AM, 9th of September” which is probably the first day of school. We went out for a walk but Blake hesitated going further and returned instants later. I walked for a couple more miles then rested in a small café called “Ferrero”, its location was simply impeccable. I browsed through the menu to look for something edible other than the cheesecake, then an overweight, bald man with a massive mustache stumbled upon the table and broke a couple of empty glasses that were on the table, shortly afterwards, he kept apologizing and told me that I can order anything I want for free. So I decided I’d for the cheesecake and maybe I’ll try ordering something new next time. While taking the order he asked me.

“ Where are you from, young man?”

“USA” I answered uninterestingly/

“ I knew you weren’t from here, you see this is a traditional café and I know each one of my customer’s names, and I have a feeling your going to be my favorite” He said with an enormous smile on his face.

“ Haha, well that’s good” I answered him.

“Well, I’ll be back with your order shortly” he said then shuffled off.


Shortly after, the man served the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. It was Smooth and rich, heavy and yet so easy to swallow. It Melted in my mouth and left me longing for just one more bite. He sipped me some coffee and left seconds after, his nametag read Alfred Williams.

 I left the café and headed towards the bus stop, I waited there for about twenty minutes until Blake called me and told me to head back to the house but I refused and then decided to walk instead of take the bus. While walking, a cold breeze brushed through me and that was the only thing that made me realize that I’m free, no more locked rooms, and security guards. I kept staring at the sky and reminiscing about my family and friends whom I haven’t seen in years. The sky was beautiful, The sun had completed its tour for the day, and had now been replaced by countless stars, which dotted the inky sky. A low, fading whopping moon floated tenuously in the nightfall sky, giving a very dim light. Then unexpectedly I bumped into someone, it was a girl, but not any girl, and she was the most stunning beautiful girl.