I’m Not Cold Hearted (XVIII)

I picked up my bag from the truck and scurried behind John, when we arrived at the doorstep, we realized that the door was locked. I suggested that John asks the man who rented us the apartment for the keys, but he told me that we have the whole building to ourselves. I was thrilled and traumatized at the same time, thinking this whole massive building is just for Blake and I. So I asked John shockingly “ You mean your letting two fifteen year olds live alone in a six story building?” and John replied “well, of course I’m going to check up on you every now and then”. Second’s later Blake gave me a glare that made me realize that I’ve said too much. While waiting for John to find the right key for the house, I recalled how three years ago, Blake told me that living with them will be better than living with our own parents because they can afford paying for everything and even spoiling us. While thinking about what he said, I remembered my little sister whom I think is five now, and I remembered how Mom used to make me cupcakes every time I aced a test, I recalled how Dad always gave me advice and until this very day his words echo in my head. He always told me “Life is short. The people that you will share time with on this earth will be brief. Ask yourself how you want to allocate that time.” But I never understood that until I was kidnapped. Then the door flicked open and we saw…


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