I’m Not Cold Hearted (XX)

When I arrived at my floor, the main door was closed and just before turning the handle I took a deep breath because I sensed that I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life.


I unlocked the door and just as I opened my eyes, I finally saw it. The room that I’m going to live in, it was rectangular, the walls were blue and on the left side I had a small bar with a mini fridge and high chairs. Next to it was a door that lead to the balcony with the view of Piccadilly Street. I loved the view, I could see everything, the people walking around with their shopping bag and pointing to stores, Men walking their dogs, couples holding hands and hugging, and parents carrying their children and strollers.

It was a sunny day and the sky was clear, all the shops were open and a couple of snack stands in the middle of the road were being set up. I could’ve gazed at the view for hours but I heard John knock and looked over. He dropped my bags and some boxes and told me that he had to go but his number is saved on my phone as “Dad”.


I’m Not Cold Hearted (XIX)

Then the door flicked open and we saw the most modern and deluxe place anyone could lay eyes on. The living room was spacious and had contemporary furniture; it was all so colorful that it almost blinded my eyes. I kept looking and walking around trying to capture what I am seeing. The only thought that ran through my head was the fact that I’m going to be living here with no adult until I get stationed elsewhere. The living room had two doors, and when I went and checked what they were for, I found out that one was a laundry room and the other was a very small room that had three computer monitors which I believed were for the surveillance cameras. Blake ran up the stairs in excitement and so I trailed him. The second floor had three rooms; I hurdled to the closest one and opened the door only to find that it was a study room filled with books, computers, and desks. The second room was actually the kitchen and the last one was john’s bedroom. John showed us where the elevator was and told us that I get the sixth floor, which means I’m the one living on the highest floor and somehow it was exhilarating to me. I told John that I would skip the tour for the third floor that is supposed to be the best because it had the game, tv room, gym and a lot of cooler things to check out my floor. When I arrived at my floor, the main door was closed and just before turning the handle I took a deep breath because I sensed that I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life.

I’m Not Cold Hearted (XVIII)

I picked up my bag from the truck and scurried behind John, when we arrived at the doorstep, we realized that the door was locked. I suggested that John asks the man who rented us the apartment for the keys, but he told me that we have the whole building to ourselves. I was thrilled and traumatized at the same time, thinking this whole massive building is just for Blake and I. So I asked John shockingly “ You mean your letting two fifteen year olds live alone in a six story building?” and John replied “well, of course I’m going to check up on you every now and then”. Second’s later Blake gave me a glare that made me realize that I’ve said too much. While waiting for John to find the right key for the house, I recalled how three years ago, Blake told me that living with them will be better than living with our own parents because they can afford paying for everything and even spoiling us. While thinking about what he said, I remembered my little sister whom I think is five now, and I remembered how Mom used to make me cupcakes every time I aced a test, I recalled how Dad always gave me advice and until this very day his words echo in my head. He always told me “Life is short. The people that you will share time with on this earth will be brief. Ask yourself how you want to allocate that time.” But I never understood that until I was kidnapped. Then the door flicked open and we saw…