I’m Not Cold Hearted (XVII)

When I woke up, I was in a car and Blake was sitting next to me while John is driving. Blake handed a couple of files to me and when I opened the first one I found out that it was our mission, I continued on reading what I had to do and I was shocked. I had to disguise myself as a sophomore and capture some rich guy named William White. The second paper had some phony medical files, credit cards, forged ID’s and all of those had my fake name on them. John told us that we’ll arrive shortly and when I asked him where we’re going, he said that we have an apartment in the center of London and that he’s going to be our fake father and that our mother is dead, he also said that we’re starting school in a week and that we have to get some stuff before he leaves. Moments later, we were parked under an antiquated looking brown building with white shutters, blinds, and trees surrounding it.


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