I’m Not Cold Hearted (XVI)

He pulled a chair and sat opposite us, then he looked at John and pointed at the door and right away John left.

“ You grew up, I mean physically” Said Ryan with a smile.

“ Well its been three years or hasn’t it?” Said Blake mockingly.

“ Of course, what about you Aaron why are you so quiet, you had a lot to say three years ago ” Replied Ryan.

“The name is Andrew, I’m not going to change my name for you idiots,” I screamed.

“ Language, Language my dear boy” said Ryan with a grin.”

 I suddenly had the urge to shout and I yelled “Who do you think you are kidnapping people’s kids and raising them to work for you, how do you get away with it you bastard!”

 Ryan’s face transformed and he jumped out of his seat angrily and punched me.


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