I’m Not Cold Hearted (XVII)

When I woke up, I was in a car and Blake was sitting next to me while John is driving. Blake handed a couple of files to me and when I opened the first one I found out that it was our mission, I continued on reading what I had to do and I was shocked. I had to disguise myself as a sophomore and capture some rich guy named William White. The second paper had some phony medical files, credit cards, forged ID’s and all of those had my fake name on them. John told us that we’ll arrive shortly and when I asked him where we’re going, he said that we have an apartment in the center of London and that he’s going to be our fake father and that our mother is dead, he also said that we’re starting school in a week and that we have to get some stuff before he leaves. Moments later, we were parked under an antiquated looking brown building with white shutters, blinds, and trees surrounding it.


Who I Am?

I’m Moony and I live in a world where Aliens rule us and Ninja’s are the secret agents, as well the Samurai being our army. I don’t care about what people say, I’ve lost my mind when i saw the first episode of Naruto. You might ask why I’m the unstereotypical nerd and i would say because i don’t get A’s and neither do i spend my time studying in the library but yes i do wear nerdy glasses and I also wear belts.

I’m Not Cold Hearted (XVI)

He pulled a chair and sat opposite us, then he looked at John and pointed at the door and right away John left.

“ You grew up, I mean physically” Said Ryan with a smile.

“ Well its been three years or hasn’t it?” Said Blake mockingly.

“ Of course, what about you Aaron why are you so quiet, you had a lot to say three years ago ” Replied Ryan.

“The name is Andrew, I’m not going to change my name for you idiots,” I screamed.

“ Language, Language my dear boy” said Ryan with a grin.”

 I suddenly had the urge to shout and I yelled “Who do you think you are kidnapping people’s kids and raising them to work for you, how do you get away with it you bastard!”

 Ryan’s face transformed and he jumped out of his seat angrily and punched me.

I’m Not Cold Hearted (XV)

The corridor was endless, every time we thought that we were finally at the room, the men would lead us to another hallway and we kept walking until the guards suddenly stopped and unlocked a door then told us to sit. The room looked like one of those investigation rooms, it had a big wooden table and four armchairs. We sat down and waited until the same man I saw three years ago, the man who kidnapped me, I never forgot his name, it was Ryan.

I’m Not Cold Hearted (XIV)

There I was on the side, looking at the 5 story building filled with computers and machines, no one would have noticed that the building is actually inside a hill.

I walked inside in amazement trying to capture every thing; the building was full of cameras and huge processer screens with statistics and pictures of criminals. Two seconds later two huge men came out of no where and asked to escort us to a meeting room.

We walked through another blank corridor but this one was full of men in suits, they strolled fast holding papers and briefcases. Drake and I looked from left to right trying to grasp the moment. Strangely John didn’t look surprised at all, he was walking as calm as possible and he was smiling to random people like he knew them all.