I’m Not Cold Hearted (XI)

I stayed in that cruise for three straight years, eating their food, going to the gym, doing drills, they trained us like maniacs. All those years I was only allowed to eat healthy food that sucked, I even forgot what chocolate tasted like. They taught us how to speak German, Italian, French, and even Spanish.

I tried to run away a couple of times and every time I got caught, they would let me do a hundred pushups, which I thought was pretty impossible until I tried it.

All that ended on my fifteenth birthday, which was the day I got kidnapped three years ago. Drake and I left to their headquarters located in London. We hopped on a train and then a car picked us up, John was with us the whole trip. The car stopped in a mountainous rural area in the middle of nowhere. We walked into the forest for an hour until we arrived.


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