I’m Not Cold Hearted (X)

John told us that every week we are going to stop at a city or country and that we are going to stay there for three days, the first for exploring, second for sport activities and third for fun. He also stated that we’re not stopping in any port for two weeks because we’re going to Europe and then he closed the door and left.

From that day, everything went as plan for them, all of the 1300 children woke up at exactly seven thirty in the morning then went for a jog around the two kilometer cruise and after that they went to the gym for two straight hours and the activities continued throughout the day. I also realized that there are a lot of girls on the cruise with us and from all ages.

Blake and I got used to the cruise, we knew where everything was and we liked it, it was like a hotel on water. The cruise had everything, it has cafes, ice cream and frozen yogurt, a 3D and normal cinema with all the new movies, and an Internet café, chocolate bar, study rooms, etc. We had a lot of fun and even though we had repetitive days, we still enjoyed them. All the people working were extra friendly and we got to know John a lot.



I’m Not Cold Hearted (IX)

I’ve stayed in this cabin for days, Blake and I would sit and order breakfast through the virtual menu, which had a touch screen. Everyday I had some new questions for Blake and his answers scared me even more.

On the sixth day, one guard knocked on the door at seven o’clock in the morning. He said that he’s our “guardian” which meant that he is assigned to follow us anywhere we go. He introduced himself, as John Hugh and I didn’t bother asking him if that’s his real name or not. He had short black hair, trimmed mustache, a buffed up body and his eye color was green, and he also had a British accent. John gave us both two papers, one of them was our daily schedule and the other was our monthly calendar with the events and where the cruise stops. I read the schedule, which had gym, yoga, shooting, martial arts, bouldering, diving, swimming, etc. Plus we only had three meals a day and it was a buffet with all the other kids.