I’m Not Cold Hearted (VIII)

At that moment all I thought about was what would happen to me if I ran away into the desert, would I survive, or would I die from thirst? I guess I was too scared to even think about running away.

We approached the cruise and before climbing aboard they took pictures of us and scanned our fingerprints then we ascended into the upper deck where they explained the emergency drills and the rooms, they also told us that there are one thousand children already onboard. After that they started handing each one of three us cards, one was for the emergency drill, the other was a credit card and the third was our room card. All of those cards had our names on them but no our real names. I thought it was a mistake so I told the guard.

“My name is Harry Jones not Aaron White?!”

“ Not anymore kid, as long as you work for us, Harry Jones is DEAD!” Said the guard.

“But what about Blake, why didn’t you change his name?” I screamed.

“ Blake’s real name is Andrew Jackson, but if I hear you say that then it’ll be the last thing you say” He answered angrily.

Then he pushed Blake and I into our cabin and closed the door.

I stared anxiously at the cabin, it had two beds, Flat screen TV, laptop, mini fridge, and a Jacuzzi plus shower in the bathroom. The windows were vast, as big as a balcony’s. It looked like the room I slept in earlier and that’s when Blake said.

“I told you, living with them is going to be way better then with our actual parents.”

“ I don’t get it, how would we do them any good, you know we are just kids.” I asked impatiently.

“ They need us, first they’re going to train us, teach us at the best schools and universities, buy us anything we want, then they’re going to give you missions that you’ll have to accomplish.”

I wanted to ask him how he knew all that but I wasn’t in the mood to hear another explanation so I unpacked the bag they gave me earlier, took a shower, and leaped into my bed.


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