I’m Not Cold Hearted (VII)

The engine started and we drove away. We stayed on an old deserted road in the middle of nowhere for hours until we saw our first glimpse of the shore. As we got closer to it, one of the guards took out a blue book full of lists. Then two of the guards argued about if we can leave the bus or stay until their boss command’s them to. We waited in the bus for fifteen minutes until they ordered us to leave but stand in a line outside the bus. As we were standing, they did a roll call like teachers did in schools. They called my name “Harry Jones!” and I stood up without moving a muscle thinking that if I don’t do what they say then I’d be tortured to death.

My legs started shaking and so did my hands, I was too scared, too petrified to move. The guards pushed and made us walk for an hour to the pier, then we saw this huge cruise liner with the army’s flag on it but it wasn’t just the army’s flag it also had another logo on it which I believe is the agency’s logo.


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