I’m Not Cold Hearted (VI)

Then suddenly someone slammed the door open, for a second I thought someone came for me but I was wrong. It was that man from before; he said his name was Ryan something. He took me to a black van, it looked like a bus and it was full of kids my age and older. Four guards were sitting in the back and one near the driver.

He pushed me in and one of the guards told me to sit next to an older boy named Blake, he had short black hair, hazel eyes, he was skinny and he looked pretty beaten up.  He explained that this was no game and that he got beat up because he wanted to escape. He also said that they were taking us to a military school, and that they are capable of giving us whatever we want or need. He even stated that we’d have a better life with them than with our parents but only if we obey the rules.


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