I’m Not Cold Hearted (V)

“Why am I in a room like this?” I asked anxiously.

“What do you mean like this?” He asked sarcastically.

I screamed at him.“ You just told me that I was abducted and now your putting me in this pricey room, you think this is funny?”

Then the man got angry and told me to shut up and he also said that I wasn’t the only one, he said they choose about fifty kids my age but only the healthy ones to train them and make them “secret agents”. Then the two guards threw me on the bed and locked the door and told me to get a good night sleep.

I stayed in that room for weeks; I even stopped counting after two or three days. They would insert the food through the door and leave. I found a couple of outfits and a pajama in the closet and that was all.


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