I’m Not Cold Hearted (IV)

I was in disbelief; thinking it was all just another one of those tricks made by my family or friends. So I decided to play along and I told them that I would be more than happy to join and they clearly looked pleased and told me to follow them into my “cabin”. We kept walking into corridors and going down stairs. The lights were dimmed and the corridor seemed quite and empty. Two guards with masculine bodies and that man surrounded me, I couldn’t move an inch without bumping into them and lets just say I had no intentions into bumping into them. We went through another corridor and went inside a room. The room looked luxurious and classy like those five-star hotels that my family never took me and my brothers to. The room also had those fifty-inch screen TV’s that belonged to all those young celebrities. It also had its own bathroom that was as big as my parent’s and mine combined. I couldn’t possibly list everything that the room had.


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