I’m Not Cold Hearted (III)

Their boss came in and asked me if I would want to “work” with them, I answered them quickly, “What do you mean, I’m only twelve I cant do anything for you. He responded that he wants me and that if I don’t “join” them, then he’ll slaughter everyone I know and care about.

Thinking about their death’s made me agree but soon after I asked, “What if they come and get me”. His answer petrified me, he said “How would they bring you from the dead?” and when I asked him what he meant he said “ To them, you are dead and they must have buried you by now.” I freaked out and he told me that before when they abducted me, they replaced me with another deceased boy and my parents think I died in a car accident. I said, “what about the police? Wont they find out?” and he explained that they work with the police and they are actually an undercover agency.


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