I’m Not Cold Hearted (II)

I woke up, and found myself in a plain white room, all alone and the thing that freaked me out was that I wasn’t tied up. Then suddenly two men wearing black suits approached into the room, I was terrified and I didn’t know if I was even kidnapped. They started asking me questions about my family and I then they asked if I hated my family. I was confused and puzzled as it to what they want from me so the first thing I said was, “Let me out of here!” they laughed and chuckled while I nearly wept. They did not answer any of my questions but somehow they expected me to answer theirs.

So I decided to tell them everything so that I can leave, I told them that every child hated their parents at some point but they’re still my parents and I love them. The interrogation took about fifteen minutes then a guy that seemed like their boss came in and asked if….


I’m Not Cold Hearted (I) {Fictional Story}

I was a normal twelve-year-old kid until they arrived and ruined my whole life.

They just barged into my life and ruined every thing; I’ve lost my hopes and dreams because I was the chosen one.

It all happened on the fifth of November, it was my 12th and last birthday. My friends threw a surprise party for me and we celebrated. The next day, Mom told me to go get some groceries from the supermarket, and that was the last time I saw her. While I was at the supermarket at the Utensil’s section, I realized that a man wearing black was following but I ignored him and continued shopping. Then quickly he disappeared and second’s later he was right behind me, his right hand covering my mouth so that I wouldn’t scream for help and his left holding both my arms. I was struggling but I wasn’t strong enough and suddenly everything got blurry.